Beaux Berry

We bring a unique twist to ice cream in Portland! We blend ice cream with local, sustainable berries of your choice using a machine we imported from New Zealand. We have a variety of mix-ins and fresh herbs that can be infused into your creation as well. These blended creations are made to order and come out swirled like soft serve ice cream. 

We also make our own super premium ice cream and use organic, fair trade and local ingredients whenever possible. Our handmade ice cream can be enjoyed by the scoop or can be blended with berries for some delicious combinations, like our popular Beaux Berry Chiffon –Lemon Chiffon ice cream blended with berries; it’s perfectly refreshing on a hot day.

We take great pride in the quality ingredients and products we serve. We offer a variety of sauces, including our homemade fair trade hot fudge and shell topping we make using Theo dark chocolate. We love supporting local businesses for sauces, toppings and ingredients we don’t make ourselves.