Event Rental

Meeting Space Watershed is available for meetings of up to about 45 persons in our main lounge space. Generally we do not ask a particular hourly rate for a single meeting, preferring instead to support our community. So ask us and the answer is likely to be yes! If your group needs a meeting space in an ongoing way, make us an offer, it’s probably acceptable. Event Space I am here to dash your hopes.

Event rental at Watershed IS possible.

Check the Calendar to see if your event date is available.

Too often, people bring their ideas for events and are dismayed to realize how expensive it is to produce an event from the ground up.

Turning a warehouse into a venue is YOUR work.

We provide you with a space which you can turn into a venue – but you should plan for three people to work solidly for an hour to move, vacuum, and prepare the space for any large event.

Permitting Rules:

Producing an event in a space that is not already a venue requires a special event permit for events larger than 93 persons.

If the event expects more than 301 persons, the OLCC requires special event insurance, for which $550 is a good price.

Events which sell alcohol must have OLCC card holders to serve – but that’s not the expensive part.

The expensive part is stocking a bar and food compliance.

Some people handle food compliance by inviting a food cart or similar –

Food carts often have a minimum sales amount which you must match for them to serve.


Special Event Permit (Fire Marshal’s office) – $300

Venue Rental: $700 for Saturdays, $600 for Fridays

Serving Alcohol?

Alcohol (OLCC) – $50

Office of Neighborhood Involvement – $35

Stocking a bar: $400 – $1000

Food Compliance: $600 minimum sales

Sound – $300 (people with higher standards may spend as much as $1000 per soundsystem)

Lights – $200

It can easily cost $2000 simply to open the doors.

No Host Bar

Events that do not charge can be under the ‘no host bar’ rules, for example allowing outside alcohol and not requiring a bar, and not being limited by the 2:30 OLCC cutoff times.

However you cannot take money for your event, and you may not even have a tip jar at your bar. 

A no-host bar does not necessarily provide alcohol, however any alcohol provided must be provided to any adult without discrimination.

You are still responsible for making sure that people are not excessively inebriated.

You are still responsible for making sure that minors do not drink, if they are allowed.

If you do want to go ahead with a special event, contact us around 90 days in advance – doing so with less time than that makes us begin the process with a skeptical eye. deadletter at 503-2 three 2-7433