Here’s where we are going to tell you all about the tenants! Very soon we will link to each tenant’s page, where they will have a link, a paragraph and an image. 3/4/2015

Things to include: Map of the Building.

Momentum Glass
Indio Metal Arts
Jeff Axtell
Perfect45Degree – Jacquelyn Smith
Nomad Brush
Altered Cycles
Inventia Design – Buck O’Kelly and Suzanne Bonham
Rebel Cricket Screenprints
Packard Phillips
ModernDrift Furniture and Design – Dave McDonald
Moon Pads
The Lower 48
D. Neil Blake Sound Studio
Honey Mama’s – raw food fudge!
Fuller Foods – proud manufacturers of Cheesy Puffs!
Mt Hood Rock Club
Eric Sands
Portland Roofing NW
Jay Tieder fine woodworking
Jonathan Isbell Metalworking
Matt Smith Metal Work