Perseids Socially Distant Campout!

  • Dates
  • Location
  • Cost
  • Food
  • Fun Activities
  • Dogs


Tuesday, 8/10 – Friday, 8/13 – Main Night –> Wednesday, 8/11


$10/night, plus $15 for Wednesday even/ Thursday morning food, and $25 for Thursday eve/Friday morning food (if you can afford it).


Location <– click here for hipcamp pics

71829 Beaver Springs Rd, Rainier, OR 97048 – click on the address for a google maps


        • Tuesday evening – Potluck dinner! Bring something from home to share. 
        • Wednesday morning – DIY
        • Wednesday evening – Food provided by Mouse, Lucille, DL and Aurelia
        • Thursday morning – Food provided by Mouse, Lucille, DL, Aurelia
        • Thursday evening – Food provided by Four Directions Kitchen
        • Friday morning – Food provided by Four Directions Kitchen

Fun Activities

        • Tuesday evening – Les Miserable Movie Sing-A-Long! 
        • Wednesday evening – general talent show
        • Thursday evening – Blacklight tag, capture the flag, flashlight tag? 


As there are free range chickens, only fully leashed dogs may be allowed. So feel free to bring your pup! Keep them on a leash at all times.