Jacquelyn Smith, Woodworker – Crafting beautiful furniture for everyone.

My background in both fine art and the construction industry has given me an unusual approach to woodworking and furniture making. I am an artist who makes usable beautiful objects with wood. I have a BFA from The Cooper Union for the Advancement of the Sciences and the Arts in NYC, NY and was a contractor for over 15 years designing and remodeling homes in New York City, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Eugene, Oregon. While studying fine art and learning how to carve wood I also studied woodworking and cabinetry. Later I worked for a couple of architectural woodworking shops in Oregon where I learned in a commercial environment. For me, beauty is equally valued with the usefulness of what I am creating.
I make furniture, woodwork , sculpture, limited edition laptop stands, specialty boxes and jewelry. I love to design and build my own work as well as contract commissions for clients. My passion lies in discovery and invention and the challenge to make something useful in the most beautiful way possible.

A desk made by Perfect45Degree Designs

Fine Furniture by Perfect45Degree