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Mosis Design

Website: http://MosisDesign.com

Mosis Design trunks originated from an artist’s experiment.

A few years ago, Walter Lichtenberg, an Abstract Expressionist Action Painter felt the need to apply his art on a three dimensional object. He began to experiment with small boxes on which he glued canvas and then painted. He began making frames for the larger boxes, which later resulted in the making of a trunk. After moving from Virginia to Portland Oregon he began to redesign and refine that of which is now the 24 X 12 X 12 trunk.

All Mosis Design trunks are made of local materials. The shell is made of heavy duty canvas, stretched over treated corrugated cardboard with 1 ¼ X 3/8 interior cedar wood frame, which is secured by the exterior brass hardware. The lid is reinforced with ¼” plywood. Each trunk is lined with satin, backed by batting.