Open Spaces

Need a project only for a temporary period? When spaces are available, in general they are $1.06/sq ft for the rent, and $.20/sq ft for utilities. Utilities include:

  • Power
  • Water – (not all spaces have private sinks)
  • Trash
  • Taxes
  • Internet – (we have fabulous internet)
    1. Heat is not included – we are an unheated space! Some spaces have their own heater (natural gas, 240v power) and we negotiate an amount relative to usage.

      1. 1660 sq ft – $1760 plus utilities. An amazing large space with a motorized rollup door, separate rooms with storage loft and kitchen area.
      2. Itinerant Space – need a project for a day or a few days? We have a large shared bay with a forklift, gang-crane, 240 power and water for your temporary project. Send an email to deadletter (at) watershedpdx (dot) com