Open Spaces

Need a project only for a temporary period? When spaces are available, in general they are $1.06/sq ft for the rent, and $.20/sq ft for utilities. Utilities include:

  • Power
  • Water – (not all spaces have private sinks)
  • Trash
  • Taxes
  • Internet – (we have fabulous internet)
    1. Heat is not included – we are an unheated space! Some spaces have their own heater (natural gas, 240v power) and we negotiate an amount relative to usage.

      1. We currently have no available rooms at this time!
      2. Itinerant Space – need a project for a day or a few days? We have a large shared bay with a forklift, gang-crane, 240 power and water for your temporary project. Send an email to deadletter (at) watershedpdx (dot) com