Watershed is an Industrial Arts Sanctuary. This means that all tenants agree to work in a loud and busy space, and we prioritize Projects far over Events. We’re very excited about what you want to build! Please see the bottom of the page for pricing – if you are an awesome project, we are happy to pick a price that works for you.

Here are some of the projects that have been built at Watershed over the years:

  1. 2 story dinosaur for a children’s Library
  2. Mog Truck – a monster vehicle
  3. Groove Bomb Repaint
  4. Original Basura Sagrada (Trash Temple)
  5. Bronze Pours
  6. A model home of eco-materials
  7. The Dead Letter Truck!
  8. The Stage Coach
  9. Kayaks! and Umiaks
  10. Bike Chariots
  11. Half Pipe
  12. Fire Toys and Tools
  13. Monster sized puppets
  14. Crazy electronic music making machines
  15. Projection Mapping Projects
  16. Handmade Apparel and Accessories
  17. more soon